«Knowledge resembles the belly of a Baobab tree»

25 de março de 2023

By KeMa


After the French one, we are finally able to publish an English translation of AƉETƆTRƆ’s foreword. ADETOTRO is a book of poem by Togolese author ALI-TAGBA Tétérého, written in Ewe language. Translating Ewe into French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and English is an an experience that really gives food for thoughts. And AƉETƆTRƆ’s foreword expresses very well why it is important to bring Ewe literature to the world.

English Translation of ALI-TAGBA Tétéreho’s book AƉETƆTRƆ‘s Foreword

Written by Togbui Agokoli IV

We humbly ask all readers of this book to be indulgent toward us. It is well known: Knowledge resembles the belly of a Baobab tree, one cannot embrace it all by their sole arms.

There is an essential mission to be accomplished by all African people: learn to read and to write in the languages of our motherland.

This essential mission holds all the chances we have left to know our own history as well as the traditions of our land. Otherwise, Ewe, which is Togo’s Children’s own language, will disappear.

We much thank the Ewe communities in Ghana. They are invaluably serving the purpose of spreading Ewe language in the local schools, which are not situated in Eweland.

May ADETOTRO be a memento for any Ewe speaker: we must never let those things that make the soul of Ewe language disappear. As an Ewe child, I can’t but congratulate my brother ALI-TAGBA Tétérého for writing this book in Ewe for everyone, especially for the Ewe native children. It is a symbol of great progress for humankind. 

We must support our brothers and sisters who put so much effort into preventing our ancestral language from disappearing: thanks to their work, this “characteristic of being human beings” that entirely belongs to us too will survive and become prosperous.

My best wishes to all who will read this book and to all who will make it prosper.

My greatest wish is the blossoming of a firm willpower in the heart of every Ewe Child, so that all of us can speak the language of our ancestors and guarantee its future.

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