On Manuskritur, you will be …

21 de junho de 2023

By KeMa


🌍 Testing and training your multilingual reading muscle. Find our multiple translations of meaningful speeches, book chapters and interviews and challenge yourself to understand the content in a language you are learning or improving.

🌍 Listening to multilingual contemporary achievers: artists, performers, writers, designers, activists,…

🌍 Gaining awareness of the richness of less represented languages, especially Ewe language from Togo.

🌍 Extending your general culture through meaningful contents translated into some major languages.

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🌍 Reading some cross cultural anecdotes about the meaning of similar words and expressions in different languages.

🌍 Traveling with an African polyglot and

🌍 Receiving updates on her translation as well as other learning processes.

🌍 Finding reasons to shift from being a mere consumer to a value creator.

🌍 Finding clues to become a better performer at your multilingual job position and get the most out of it.

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